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About the conference

Conference Scope

The scope of the conference includes the following topics:

Generic Topics of Interest:

Knowledge-Based Systems, Expert Systems, Cognitive Systems, Neural Networks, Artificial Immune Systems, FuzzyTechniques and Systems, Genetic Algorithms and Evolutionary Computing, Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Self organizing and complex systems, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Bayesian Networks, Knowledge Representation and Management, Computational neuroscience, Planning, Spatial & Temporal Reasoning, Knowledge Acquisition.

Intelligent Applications:

Industrial Control, Monitoring and Planning, Fault Diagnosis, Robotics, Image Processing, Machine & Computer Vision, Medical & Diagnostic Systems, Financial & Stock Market Monitoring and Prediction, Speech Processing and Synthesis, Natural Language Processing, Environmental Monitoring, Power Electronics & Drives, High Voltage Systems, Engine Control and Vehicle Applications, Signal and Time Series Processing; Wavelets.

Emerging Intelligent Technologies:

Pervasive Computing, Context-aware and Affective (Emotional) Computing, Mobile Computing and Systems, Business Intelligence Systems, Human-centered Computing, Intelligent User Interfaces, Cognitive Interfaces, Userprofiling, Evolvable Hardware, DNA Computing, Immunocomputing, Artificial Life, Bioinformatics using Intelligent & Machine Learning Techniques, Microarray Data Analysis, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Information Agents on the Internet, Ecommerce/E-business and E-learning, Semantic Web, Intelligent Web Mining & Applications, Virtual Reality & Multi- Media Intelligent Information Systems, Blind Source Separation. While this list of topics is not exclusive, papers for the conference must include significant intelligent systems content. Papers based only on classical methods without any intelligent systems content will not be accepted.

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