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Presentation Instructions

Papers accepted at KES-WIRN 2007 will be presented using one of two methods: oral presentation or poster presentation. The presentation method applicable to each paper can be found in the conference program contained elsewhere on this web site.

This page contains instructions for presenters. For oral presentation instructions, click here. For poster presentation instructions, click here.

Oral Presentation Instructions

The official language of the conference is English.

Paper presentations will be 15 minutes, plus five minutes for questions.

Each presentation room is equipped with a desktop computer where presentations can be uploaded, projection screen and an LCD projector, with standard VGA connectors. No overhead projector will be provided. There will be a podium and a microphone in each room.

You can choose to use either the above desktop computer or bring your own laptop. If you use Macintosh, please be sure to bring the appropriate adapter. Presenters are expected to have their presentation pre-loaded electronically either on their own laptop computer or on the PC already installed in the conference room. Bring USB, CD and other memory devices as back-ups.

It is absolutely impossible for everyone to set up their computer individually for each presentation. We ask session chairs and presenters to coordinate and use one laptop for each session, and have all presentations uploaded to the same computer before session starts.

Poster Presentation Instructions

Poster Session Overview

  1. Poster sessions will be held in the Positano conference room at the Lloyd's Baia Hotel.
  2. Each presenter will be assigned a A1 (594 x 841 mm in vertical) poster board space. Please use push pins/tacks to put up your presentation on the poster board.
  3. Each author is responsible for assembly and removal of his/her own presentation.
  4. Presenters are required to be at their poster during the times outlined below.
  5. Please remove your poster promptly during the times indicated below. Materials left on the poster boards after the removal deadlines will be thrown away.
  6. Presenters should bring their own materials for attaching illustrations to the poster boards. Please be sure to bring at least one box of push pins with you. You may not write or mark on the poster boards.

Poster Presenter Schedule

Wednesday, September 12 – Positano conference room

Thursday, September 13 – Positano conference room

Friday, September 14 – Positano conference room

Poster Preparation

The poster boards will be located in the Positano conference room at the Lloyd's Baia Hotel. Your assigned poster number will be in the upper left hand corner of the poster board. The boards will be arranged in numerical order in the exhibit hall.

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